Software Colors is owned and managed by Celestine Donough and Vera Wehrle.

Celestine Donough

Celestine is a passionate pigeon fancier whose pigeons take part in races around the world. His extensive knowledge and experience in the pigeon racing and IT industry make him the driving force behind Software ColorsĀ“ development of the online pigeon racing management system (

Celestine started his career at Caltex as a corporate trainee under the Sullivan training programme of the late-1980s. Later Celestine joined the Caltex’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) evaluation team tasked with sourcing and implementing an integrated business system that would cater for all its needs.

In 2000 he went looking for a new challenge and joined Software Colors where he was instrumental in the development of tourism marketing and pigeon racing online applications.

‘I wanted to be part of something that I was in charge of so I could stimulate my own creativity and create tangible benefits and quantifiable results for my clients,’ he says.

Vera Wehrle

German-born Vera Wehrle moved to South Africa in 1991 after graduating with a business science degree from a university in Germany and working in the banking industry for 6 years.

She joined the SAP implementation team at Caltex where she met Celestine, her partner in Software Colors.

From there she went on to implement SAP for various multinational companies such as Safmarine / Maersk, manage project management teams and software development teams as well as Finance & Administration functions in Software Colors.